About Us


SMC Trucks Parts Ltd offer a competitive truck part selection in response to a rapidly changing aftermarket. With our highly trained team, who acquire extensive knowledge within the industry of commercial vehicle parts, after many years working with major businesses across the nation. SMC Truck Parts Ltd work as an effective team and we are endeavouring to provide a first-class service in a highly competitive market by offering a comprehensive range of 10,000+ product lines that have full traceability of origin.

Due to the recognition of the importance of our customers being able to identify the correct truck-part to avoid vehicle off-road issues. We have produced a systematic supply-chain operation with our partners to ensure your commercial vehicles stay on the road.

At SMC Truck Parts Ltd we are always adapting to the needs and demands of our customers. Therefore, we are providing a 24-7 truck part supplies chain for those that need the necessary truck part immediately with our fast response delivery team on standby.

We also, provide next day delivery on all orders over €250 nationwide.



“As a business, our mission is to mature and grow through Customer Service Excellence & provide a professional experience for all our new and existing clients in a respected and friendly manner in the commercial parts industry. To expand for the future and innovate with the ever-changing demand of the market with Top-Quality Truck Parts at Affordable Prices” 

Managing Director: Sean McCusker


It is our duty to enhance our services in every aspect by offering our customers a seamless supply-chain in the commercial parts industry at SMC Truck Parts Ltd. Our specialized team is always ready to solve our customer’s problems and meet their requirements. We pride ourselves with our operations management to ensure the correct purchase order (PO) is issued using sophisticated technology that enables our team to select the correct part via vehicle registration or chassis number. Effectively saving you time and money. Our team manages every order from the receipt to despatch to ensure an efficient transaction is achieved.